Our Supporters

A special THANK YOU to those individuals listed below for your initial and ongoing support to Life Learners. Because of your generosity, the lives of several children with Autism will greatly be impacted for the better! Words cannot express what your efforts mean to me. I am truly blessed to have such amazing people backing up  Life Learners and all we have to offer. That being said, stay tuned to our website so you can count the amount of smiles your donations will put on our students faces!!!

2018 Summer Program Supporters

Oscar Fernandez

Jacqueline Pineres

Mayra Herrera

Gina Sanchez

Maylen Blardonis

Lisselle Rodriguez

Marisol Terga

Lori Hill

Beatriz Rodriguez

Humberto Rodriguez

Adrienne Bolan

Jeanette Echemendia

Adriana Ponte

Ana Diaz

Loni Garcia

Kathleen E. Rossi

Gabriel Aucar

Luis Febus

Jesse Willis

Frank Zelada

Arelis Suarez

Katya Abaunza

Jorge Linares